Virtual Book Launch: Both/And Thinking


In Both/And Thinking, Wendy Smith and Marianne Lewis help readers cope and thrive with multiple, knotted tensions at the same time. Drawing from more than twenty years of pioneering research, they provide an actionable framework for transforming these tensions into opportunities for innovation and personal growth.

Join us and get a first glimpse of Wendy's and Marianne's new book

on 1st Aug 2022, at 1pm-2:30pm GMT+2 / 7am-9:30am ET / 9pm-10:30pm AEST!

Wendy Smith, University of Delaware, and Marianne Lewis, University of Cincinnati, will present their new book, and Jean Bartunek, Boston College, will join them or a discussion of the book and its relevance to the paradox community.

Iris Seidemann and Margaret Koli, together with other members from the Paradox Ph.D. community, will moderate the second part of the conversation.

Organizers: Katrin Heucher, University of Michigan, and Angela Greco, Groningen University

ISBN 978-1647821043 - US $30.00 Paperback - Available in August 2022

Academics with HBSP accounts can get a free educator copy at

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