AOM 2021 - Step ONE: Starting Your Sustainability PhD Journey with ONE


Step ONE is a moderated PDW to support early-stage sustainability PhD students to begin and bolster their journey with the Organizations and the Natural Environment Division. It is a precursor to the ONE Doctoral Consortium, which is targeted at later-stage doctoral researchers. In times of virtual meetings, it is especially challenging for these early-stage PhD students to not only get involved with academic communities but also to stay committed. As a group of five late-stage doctoral researchers and early-career scholars, we wish to create a safe and inclusive space for early-stage PhD students and first-time AOM ONE participants. 

With this PDW we aim to (1) cultivate a passion and purpose for sustainability research, particularly through encouraging participation in a welcoming research community; (2) guide PhD students in navigating, participating in, and thriving at AOM, and as part of ONE; and (3) develop students' interests in ONE-related topics, by helping them articulate their research purpose in sustainability, as well as to identify potential theoretical lenses, collaborators, and pathways that will help to engender and amplify that purpose. With Jeffrey York and Grace Augustine as invited keynote speakers to help contextualize the relevance of our program, we offer opportunities for participants to listen, engage, and become part of an inclusive global academic community.

Organized by: 

  • Jessica Jones (Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee)
  • Katrin Heucher (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Michigan)
  • Kevin Chuah (PhD Candidate, London Business School)
  • Lucrezia Nava (PhD Candidate, Esade Business School)
  • Sara Graves (PhD Candidate, Simon Fraser University)

Dr. Katrin Heucher
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