Paradox Education Research and Practice (PREP) Conference


We will be holding our first conference devoted to paradox research, education and practice (called

PREP) on 16‐18 March 2022 (1000‐1600 CET) and 19 March 2022 (1000‐1300 CET). It will be

free and online. This will be unlike any other conference for multiple reasons:

1. We will all have the opportunity to learn and exchange ideas about theorizing, conducting

empirical research, teaching paradox and putting paradox into practice.

2. We will follow the culture of our paradox community, emphasizing informal exchanges of

diverse ideas, communal efforts in helping each other develop professionally and personally, and

active participation among all.

3. We will have the first opportunity to recognize, as a distinct community, the efforts that

members of the community have made to develop this paradox scholar community-recognizing

Paula Jarzabkowski, Marianne Lewis, and Wendy Smith.

As important members of the community, I would greatly appreciate it if you could make the time to

reconnect and take part in shaping the future of paradox research, education and practice.

If you haven't done so yet, we urge you to consider submitting a 500 word abstract for the sake of

research, education and/or practice. Please note: we don't just want traditional paper ideas but any

new ideas that are still being formed in your mind, injured work that can use a revamp, teaching

tips or experiences out in the field. 

In addition, we will also have time devoted for sharing self-reflections of our experience as a

paradox scholar. Why do each of us do paradox work? 

Co-organizing team: Josh Keller, Stephanie Schrage, Harald Tuckerman, Katrin Heucher, Marco

Berti, Marc Krautzberger, Camille Pradies, Simone Carmine, Garima Sharma, Angela Greco, Tobias

Hahn and Jonathan Schad.

Dr. Katrin Heucher
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